A tip you might have missed on a vanity search

Photo by: banlon1964

A vanity search is also known as an ego search. Both terms make the act of searching for yourself sound negative, but today we need to always be on our game. We need to pay attention to who’s talking about us and to say thank you (assuming they’re saying nice things) when appropriate.

Dave Fleet has a great post today on some of the best, free ways to monitor the web for mentions of your name. I should add that it’s not just your name that you should be searching for. Search for your company name and products too.

I won’t repeat every service Dave has mentioned, you should go to his blog right now to check out his list….

Welcome back. Here’s my big tip: use Everyzing.

I first learned about Everyzine (then Podzinger) in my early days as a podcaster. What sets Everyzing apart from the other web monitoring tools is that it actually scans dialog in audio and video. Run a search for yourself now to see if they’ve been talking about you in the podoshphere (I hate that term too. Sorry Bob Goyetche).