New Networking

A light bulb went off in my head a number of weeks ago. I realized a passion that I have, but I had never put my finger on it. Networking.

I don’t mean networking in the cheesy way, where random people meet to hand out and collect a bunch of business cards. I mean actually building relationships online that lead to high-fives, handshakes, and hugs.

If you were at my presentation at PodCamp Nashville, Killer Tribes, or Jason Fall’s Explore conference, you will already know about my interest in exploring this topic. My presentation at the three events was titled SNiRL: Social Networking in Real Life.

Net Networking is Born

New NetworkingA few weeks ago I decided to launch a new site dedicated to the topic of business networking.

New Networking is about techniques and tips for effective networking; finding and hosting special events; using social networking to build relationships; and much more.

New Networking is about your stories too. It is paramount that I share your successful networking experiences, so that others can learn from you. If you have a story to share please email me: davemadethat at gmail dot come.

What You Will Find

You will learn how Courtenay Rogers used Twitter to find her job; how Tristan Walker used persistence to end up hired at foursquare; and how Levi Kennedy also used Twitter to make friends and land a new job while he was it.

Unemployment numbers remain high, students are looking for jobs to launch their careers, businesses are seeking customers and partners. Having a strong network will help you, I am positive of this, I know it firsthand.

Please head there now and let me know what you think. If you like what you read please share it and leave a comment. I am excited to hear your feedback. Thanks.