Meetup Comes Through

Photo by: Esthr

I wrote a post recently about my disappointment with I wanted to update you with what happened next. I got an email shortly afterward from Meetup’s VP – Insights & Strategy, Andres Glusman.

Andres emailed me to get my phone number, he then tried to ring me numerous times. We finally connect over the phone a little over a week ago. It was kind of him to reach out after my friend, Saul Colt, alerted him of my blog post.

We discussed my concerns about the missing function for a group administrator to be able to delete his or her group. He agreed that it is a valid issue which needs resolving, and he assured me it would be resolved soon.

Andres also spoke of the community building aspect of Meetup. My friend, Kelly Stewart’s Nashville Hiking group is a prime example of this. I suggested they consider creating a discount version of their service for BarCamp and PodCamp organizers (both are community focused free events), he seemed to like that idea.

I’m impressed that Andres went out of his way to contact me (even calling me on the weekend). Hat tip to Meetup for following up. He promised to keep me in the loop on group deletion. When a fix is in place I’ll be sure to let you know.