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VIDEO: Microblogging: Fast, Fast, Good, Good

By | October 21, 2008

As promised, here’s the video of my presentation about using Twitter for good from BarCamp Nashville. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make my microphilanthropic mission a success. You can read my previous posts about this if you’d like to know the back story of how this came to be. Enjoy. Here’s a closer […]

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I loved BarCamp Nashville or How you helped two impoverished schools

By | October 19, 2008

BarCamp Nashville (BCN) was a huge success. The organizers seriously kicked butt this year. When Marcus asked me what I thought about the second BCN, I told him that our little baby is all grownS up! It’s true too, it’s amazing to see how the little unconference that could has risen from the depth, darkness […]

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6 things you didn't know about me

By | August 18, 2008

Nashville’s very own WordPress rock star and new daddy, Mitch Canter (AKA: Studionashvegas) has tagged me to participate in a meme. My job is to post six random things that people didn’t know about me. 1. I grew up listening to loads of punk rock music. My first concert was Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds […]

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