Twalkin is rockin

Photo from Flickr by: kunstlab

I had a chance to test Twalkin yesterday and I was throughly impressed. It’s a free service that works like a conference call for Twitter.

It reminded me slightly of, a podcaster’s best friend. K7 would give you a free phone number to use, then you would share that number with your audience for audio comments. The listeners would call that number, record a message, and it would be emailed to you in .wav form.

Twalkin takes this to a whole new level integrating conference calls, radio call-in shows and Twitter – thus the name.

Upon logging in you have a large Get Started Now button. Once you click it you are asked to set up a name of your show, description and private setting if you don’t want to share a Twalk. The advanced settings lets you preschedule a twalk. It’s very cool.

Once your Twalk is live a tweet is sent to your friends on Twitter. They then follow the link to a screen with a phone number (long distance charges apply, so international readers of my blog will be bummed at this point).

You can manage the Twalk on your machine and use Skype and something like Audio Hijack (a personal favorite) to record it. Boom! You have a call-in podcast ready to rock. I should add that the quality is very good.

I set up a Twalk and walked away from my machine, but I called into my Twalk through the free iPhone app. Once the app was launched I was connected to my callers who happened to be a couple of the Twalkin’ developers. We had a brief chat about the service. I’m impressed!

Want to try it?

I’ve created a twalk called Dave’s Morning Drive. I’ll be on live tomorrow morning at 8:30 am Central time. Why not give me a call and test it out?

Call (218) 548-9255   PIN# 1246 and let’s chat about geeky stuff like this! :D I hope to hear from you.

Photo from Flickr by: kunstlab