A tip for anyone feeling overwhelmed


Information overload is a pretty popular term these days. The firehose of information never stops.

I tried something new yesterday to help me get focused and it worked!

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. Balancing time is a tricky thing, it’s something we all struggle with. Anyone who says they manage their time perfectly is full of it.

Running my own business adds an additional level of stress to my tricky balancing act. Yet, I push through, making sure that my client work is never effected by my head spinning in circles.

I have written before about finding white space. I have tried to drive in silence, with no podcasts, radio, or music to distract my thoughts. The silence does work, it’s actually quite good for you. Yesterday┬áI tried something new. I talked to myself and recorded it.

Record your thoughts

Talking to yourself is certainly a great way to work through your thoughts, I’ve done this before. The trouble is that once I get to my destination my thoughts have gone right out of the window.

I spent thirty minutes today recording my thoughts. I talked about several projects I am working on, and I came up with solutions to help get me better focused. The next step is important.

During my lunch I replayed my recorded audio. With a pen and paper, I made notes from every point I made. Now I have a written action plan I can carry out. I am way more focused and excited about the work ahead.

How do you get focused? Please leave a comment with your tips.

Image by Eoin Duffy