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A Chat With Wayne Sutton

By | May 19, 2009

Wayne Sutton is a social media rock star. If you haven’t checked out his podcast, Talk Social News, you should definitely subscribe. During the Mashable Regator Mixer in Atlanta he took a couple of minutes for a quick interview. We talked briefly about what I do at Griffin, why I went to the mixer, and […]

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My Birthday is Today

By | April 16, 2009

Recently there was some confusion over Chris Brogan’s birthday. He had it listed on Facebook as April 1st, so loads of people (including myself) wished him a happy birthday that day. It was only later that Chris had to post a message on his blog about it not actually being his birthday. Something similar happened […]

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What I've Been Up To

By | February 17, 2009

Gosh, I’ve been slacking on my blog lately. Sorry about that loyal reader, I appreciate that you’ve stopped by. Here’s a quick break down on the stuff I’ve been up to: I presented at the SouthEastern Journalism Conferece at Belmont University. Here’s a quick video interview on my predictions for the future of Facebook, LinkedIn […]

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My Macworld recap

By | January 14, 2009

Macworld 09 from blatherskyte on Vimeo. Steve Jobs may not have been able to make it to this year’s Macworld, but I was. The Griffin gang and I arrived in San Francisco last Sunday to get ready for the big event. While my friends rushed over to H&M for shopping, I spent a chunk of […]

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My Nashville
My Nashville
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