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The Startup Slingshot

By | January 17, 2012

I had the great pleasure of recently being a guest on The Startup Slingshot. Each week host William Griggs interviews entrepreneurs and neat people (I’m not sure how I got on the show) about business and startups. The discussion covers topics like working for Griffin; BarCamp and PodCamp Nashville; Geek Breakfast; Nashcocktail; how coffee can […]

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10 minutes, coffee and a chat can land you a job

By | June 18, 2010

When I was a student looking for work, I cold called senior people who worked for companies I wanted to work for. Depending on the size of the company it sometimes took several calls. Notice I said “call” and not email. Pick up the phone! My “ask” was for 10 minutes of their time to […]

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By | June 18, 2009

I have a growing number of friends looking for work. It’s a tough market out there. I’ve been “between jobs” from time to time in my life, we all have. The truth is that you have to get off your butt if you’re going to find a new job, it’s not easy and it’s exhausting. […]

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My Nashville
My Nashville
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