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Tool Talk #1 - A Conversation With Nashville's Brightest Minds in Tech

By | July 30, 2009

Tonight we held the first Tool Talk, a monthly round table discussion on tech tools. Tool Talk is based on a first come first serve basis, so watch this space for news on how to RSVP for the next one in August. The discussion tonight included some of Nashville’s brightest minds on (and off) the […]

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1 minute response time. Now that's customer service.

By | August 6, 2008

If you have left a comment on my blog you will have noticed that the comment section is powered by Disqus. If you haven’t left a comment please do, we bloggers LOVE comments. I implemented Disqus a few months ago and have been very happy with them. You can read my original post here. The […]

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What every blogger should be using

By | May 26, 2008

I am really excited about Disqus. It’s safe to say that the majority of bloggers and podcasters get blown away with excitement when we receive comments. A comment is a true way of knowing without any doubt that someone is reading or listening to you. A blogger need not understand anything about monitoring traffic and […]

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