Toronto Twitter Tweet Up Recap

I had a wonderful time in Toronto, reconnecting with friends and family. It was also awesome being able to get a quick Toronto Twitter Tweet Up together (holy alliteration Batman!).

It was so cool to connect with new and old Twitter friends, many of which I had never met in person. I was happy to see Jesse Brown from Search Engine (one of my favorite podcasts) was able to make it too, he’s a great guy who was apologetic for being a tad harsh on me on a previous episode previous episode.

I had left an audio comment questioning our (blogger’s) use of the word “blog” versus “post”. I often hear people say that I wrote a blog today. When they really mean that they posted to their blog, or that they wrote a blog post.  This blog/post faux pau is nothing that seriously irks me, my ears simply perk up each time I hear someone say it. Okay, it does irk me.

The topic of grammar and language had come up on a couple of episodes of Search Engine recently, so I called my pet peeve in. In a heated moment Jesse sort of went off on my raising the subject. Obviously, he was joking around, after all if it had truly bothered him he never would have played my comment.

Suddenly a few friends started emailing and direct messaging me on Twitter. Then I got an email from Jesse apologizing. The last thing podcasters want to do is upset and scare off their listeners, and I knew he had meant no harm by his misunderstood outburst. It was cool that he was able to join us for a pint and apologize in person.

It was fun to finally meet Merlene Paynter too. We have been tweeting to one another for years now, so it was nice to finally meet in person. It was equally great to see my fellow PodCamp Toronto friends, Dave Fleet, Daniele Rossi and Connie Crosby there. Not to mention all of my new friends!

I should add a thank you to the manager of C’est What for “allowing” us to stay. It was a very strange situation. I had emailed the bar a few weeks prior to request a reservation for our group (around 30 people). I got a reply back that they don’t accept reservations on Friday nights, because they are often very busy from the after work crowd. That was acceptable to me, what wasn’t acceptable is what happened next.

I got to the bar a little early and told the host to expect people arriving asking for the Twitter group. I expected a very busy bar, so I brought some name tags along just in case we needed them. As it turns out the bar wasn’t busy, it got busier, but it was never slammed.

When about 8 people arrived the host pulled me aside to explain that they couldn’t handle a group my size. I explained that we didn’t mind standing at the bar (in fact I expected it). He told me that we would disturb the people eating in the dining area, and that we would be in the way.

I asked to speak to the manager who I had to convince to allow us to stay. How could I contact so many people who I had never met to tell them we moved locations, where would we move? Most of us arrived alone, some of us meeting for the first time face to face. It would have been a nightmare to relocate while people were arriving.

Clearly the host’s math skills weren’t strong. 30 people at about 3 pints per person, at about $8.00 a pint equals $720.00. With tips and food we would certainly spend over $1,000, and I’m certain we did.

The manager finally decided to give us a space in the back and a free pool table to use. It was a strange situation, but I’m happy to report it got worked out. I still love C’est What’s beer and ambiance, but perhaps groups should consider a different location in the future.

It was a blast meeting each other at the Tweet Up. We’re lucky that we live in a day and age that we can easily create meet ups using free services like and Facebook Events. I’ve already created a Tweet Up in San Francisco on January 7th, I hope you can make it.

As a side note, I would have included in the list of ways to organize meet ups, but I have always been annoyed that they only tell you it costs money once you’ve taken all of the steps of registering and creating the event. If you have a small budget Meetup is a great service, but that has always bothered me. Perhaps I’ll call Search Engine to get it off my chest, nah :-).

I should add that Jesse left me a surprise left me a surprise at the beginning of Search Engine this week. Thanks dude.