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Using tech to connect my family thousands of miles away

By | January 18, 2009

I geeked out at Christmas, it’s really no surprise. My my mum was here visiting us in Nashville, but my dad was back home in Toronto (near there) and my brother was in Switzerland (where he lives). I’ve been using ooVoo for around a year now, I was one of the early beta testers of […]

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3 free gifts every blogger will love you for

By | December 18, 2008

If you’re reading a blog you like, why not consider getting them a gift? Here’s three free items you can give a blogger to show them how much you enjoy their blog. 1. What’s a free gift that every blogger loves? Subscriptions. No, not magazine subscriptions (unless it’s Wired). We love it when you take […]

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My Nashville
My Nashville
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