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On Klout

By | December 17, 2011

I’m pretty thrilled to see Sam Simkin’s photo of my silly mug on the front page of the Tennessean newspaper this morning. Klout measures online influence by Adita Wadhwani is an interesting collection of local thought about the online influence measurement service, Klout. I thought I’d elaborate a little on the story with some links and further insight. […]

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Never miss a marketing technology story

By | September 29, 2011

As a marketing professional, I do my best to keep on top of new trends and news that is relevant to my industry. With an obvious focus on digital marketing and social media marketing, it’s an overwhelming task to stay on top of everything. It’s also impossible. Here’s a tip to help you never miss […]

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Great advice for January 1

By | January 1, 2011

Happy New Year. This morning I awoke to some inspiring tweets by Chris Penn. They are words of wisdom. After reading Chris’ tweets and following his advice, I came across Matt Cutt’s post from today: Start the year off right: empty your email and take some time off from Twitter/Facebook. Matt explains how we should […]

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My Birthday is Today

By | April 16, 2009

Recently there was some confusion over Chris Brogan’s birthday. He had it listed on Facebook as April 1st, so loads of people (including myself) wished him a happy birthday that day. It was only later that Chris had to post a message on his blog about it not actually being his birthday. Something similar happened […]

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