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Amber Case, your friendly neighborhood cyber anthropologist

By | January 11, 2011

You know those people who you meet along the way at conferences or special events? The ones that really leave an impact on you, who you think of as smart and cool. Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist, is one of those people. I first met Amber a few years ago, in a “magic bus“, during […]

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Make Twitter Kick Ass

By | April 30, 2009

Here’s a little screencast I made for you to help improve your Twitter browser experience. In the video I talk about using Greasemonkey (you must install this first) in Firefox (my browser of choice) to install some awesome scripts to make Twitter that much better. Yes, there is a slight delay matching my voice with […]

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Quality tweets from quality people - some favorites

By | December 30, 2008

Every so often I post some of my favorite Twitter tweets. I love the service, but it’s the people who use it who make it worth while. Thank you all for your tweets, I always appreciate hearing from you and reading what you have to say. A special shout out to: caseorganic, saulcolt, suzemuse, anjrued, […]

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