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It's 2,476 miles to Vegas

By | December 2, 2009

In 28 days I will be departing Nashville in a 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia bus. Together with four friends from work, we’re hitting the road for a 2,476 mile road trip to Las Vegas for CES. We’re calling the trip CES Bound. It’s hilarious to me that I did a similar trip in a VW bus […]

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Moving Can Be Incredible

By | July 27, 2009

My buddy Julien Smith wrote a blog post the other day about why he never wants to move from his hometown. He wrote: Wherever you grow up, you have a solid base of friends and family. Wherever you go, you have to start over, from scratch. It takes years to rebuild any kind of meaningful […]

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I Think My Friend Killed His Girlfriend

By | February 25, 2009

My best buddy in Toronto is an incredibly gifted musician named Alistair Christl. His new video has me a little troubled, because I think he may have knocked off his lover, Little Jane Mary. Have a look and see for yourself. If you enjoy the song please consider picking up his self-published CD, Unmarked Grave. […]

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Dave is learning how to play the guitar

By | August 28, 2008

About a year ago I came up with a concept for a video podcast/blog (or “vlog”). The idea would be to chronicle my poor attempt at learning how to play the guitar. I planned to use the isight camera on my MacBook and change locations from time to time to keep things interesting. I never […]

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