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I am writing to thank Dave Delaney and give him full credit for establishing Griffin Technology’s online community of friends and fans. Dave joined Griffin a little over three years ago as a friend and fan of Griffin himself. He showed us how to find the conversations already taking place in social spheres and began the process of listening and engaging in these forums.

Without Dave’s guidance and insight I am confidant that Griffin would not be nearly as engaged with the community as we are now. We here at Griffin wish Dave the best as he approaches new horizons and he remains an inspiration to us as well as a fine ambassador of the Griffin product line.

– Mark Rowan, President, Griffin Technology.

Dave Delaney is always on the cutting edge. He understands new media tools extensively and provided clear explanations to attendees at a conference I organized in Toronto, Canada. I highly recommend him for anything in relation to social media strategies… he’ll set you straight.”

– Julien Smith, New York Times best selling author , “Trust Agents”.

Dave Delaney has been an inspiration since we first met at PodCamp Nashville in 2007. His inspiration in the areas of Community Building, Event Production, Technical Presenting and Geek Wrangling, has been instrumental in my own development and has had a positive butterfly effect in many ways well beyond Tennessee.

The absolute most admired aspect of Dave is that all of his community successes has not gone to his head. He’s still as approachable as the guy next door, and has a million dollar smile for everybody.

Dave Delaney has done more for the tech community at large and has touch more people indirectly than he’ll ever know. If you’d like to contact me directly about Dave, feel free.

– Dave Barger, President / CEO at LunaWeb, Inc.

Dave is a true community builder, personally and professionally. While I was leading Social Media Club Nashville, Dave presented two times and was open arms about more groups joining the Nashville technology community.

Dave set the foundation for one of the largest PodCamp and BarCamp events in the country and believe is one of the main reasons, Nashville has been able to differentiate itself from other secondary cities.

Dave’s commitment to progressing the Nashville community is unmatched and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

– Jessica, R. Murray, Buick Brand Ambassador at General Motors

Dave is truly a community-driven guy. His initiative to lead in the formation and coordination of both Barcamp Nashville and Podcamp Nashville benefited the entire technology community of the greater Nashville area and has been a catalyst to the creation of numerous other social media networks and organizations in Nashville.

– Bill Seaver, President, MicroExplosion Media

I have interviewed Dave as a source for a magazine article. I found him to be articulate, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about integrating a new media strategy (Twitter) into business plans/operations.

I also attended PodCamp Nashville and heard Dave speak, where I again was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his ability to explain new media technologies to a group of people whose experience spanned a large gamut.

– Megan Goodchild, Writer, Hammock Publishing

Dave’s enthusiasm and commitment to the podcasting and social media space set him apart from most people. He’s done a great job building and maintaining a loyal audience with Two Boobs (and a Baby podcast), and is an important player in both the US and Canadian podcasting scenes.

His willingness to explore new social tools and new avenues such as co-organizing Barcamps etc let Dave be a presence on the cutting edge of social media, while his wit and personality attract others to join him there. An important asset for any community, I’d hire Dave for a project in a heartbeat.”

– Bob Goyetche, Co-founder/Organizer at PAB Conference

I’ve worked with Dave both in the execution of Barcamp 2007 and Podcamp 2008. Dave has been the glue that’s kept both of these events going. His energy, commitment and persistence are the exact qualities needed to foster growth in the Nashville technology scene. On top of his diligence, he’s simply a great guy to talk too and have a beer with. Dave is a shining asset in whatever endeavor he’s involved with and is a great role model.

– Caleb Garner, Producer, Part12 Studios

I’m not sure that I can say anything more than “BarCamp Nashville would not be without Dave Delaney.” Dave came to us from his beautiful city of Toronto, ON with a passion to bring New Media to the forefront in Nashville, TN. Without a job (or any sort of local reputation) he launched “New Media Nashville”, a blog dedicated to reporting on and invigorating the local new media scene.

When we met that fateful day at Fido, I knew we would be fast friends, but I didn’t realize we would try to create the kind of event that BarCamp Nashville is turning out to be. Throughout the entire journey to BarCamp Nashville, Dave has been consistent with meeting deadlines, scoring big, and keeping the team focused on that common goal of an extraordinary event. He has been an inspiration to me, and someone who I feel like I’ve known much longer than three months. Nashville and I are very fortunate to have Dave on the case.

– Marcus Whitney, CTO and Co-Founder at Moontoast

With an energy level few people can match, Dave seems to bring out the best in his team. He doesn’t let minor setbacks get in his way; Dave finds away to put a positive spin on tough situations and helps his team push through. A pleasure to work with.

– Kelly Michael Stewart, Client Account Manager at Responsys

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Delaney since he first came to town and, along with other young thought leaders, set about transforming the knowledge capital landscape here in Nashville and middle Tennessee.
I have both worked with him and watched his work on BarCamp Nashville, PodCamp Nashville, and other community design programs that have so benefited from his poise, wit and never-say-die spirit. The intelligence with which he wields such a skill-set demonstrates how the mind and heart can be aligned to serve the long-term essential sustainability concerns of any performance culture with the short-term needs of the present moment, with all its emergent concerns, crises and opportunities.

Delaney is an impeccable asset to any community and his vision and input into our community is crucial to our future, as Nashville seeks to carve out a unique leadership role for its citizens on local, state, regional and national stages.

– Bob Bradley, Director, Technology Integration, Tennessee State University, President/CEO