10 things Kerry Crawford loves about Nashville

About a month ago or so, Kerry Crawford from the I Love Memphis Blog, requested that we write a guest post on each other’s blogs.

Kerry invited me to write a post to share ten things that I love about Memphis, while she would write a post with ten things that she loves about Nashville. It’s a good ole fashion, Tennessee, blog post swappin’!

Check out my post on I Love Memphis, to see my list. Here’s Kerry’s list of her Nashville favorites.

Photo from Flickr by: cwageTop Ten Things Kerry Crawford Loves about Nashville, in no particular order:

1. The Ryman Auditorium – I love the Ryman Auditorium, and not just because of the fantastic bands (Elvis Costello, Belle and Sebastian, the New Pornographers) that I’ve seen there. There’s not a bad seat in the theatre, and I’ve always wanted to sit in the Confederate’s Gallery (aka, the balcony).

2.  Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music – Grimey’s is a little cramped, but their selection of new and used vinyl, CDs, zines and comic books is amazing. There’s also a venue in the basement that has rock’n’roll shows on a weekly basis.

3. The Farmers Market – The Nashville Farmers Market has a crazy variety of produce and handmade products. I’m also a huge fan of the recipes section on the farmers market website. It’s sort of like getting to be there.

4. The Parthenon – There’s apparently something about cities in Tennessee and giant reproductions of ancient architecture. We’ve got a pyramid, you’ve got a Parthenon. Yours is also an awesome art musuem.

5. Hotel Preston – When I stay overnight in Nashville, I love staying at the Preston. It’s swanky, but not too expensive, and it’s the only hotel that will provide you with a rubber ducky or a copy of the Baghavad Gita.

6. Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s retains a certain mystique when you live in a town that doesn’t have one. It’s definitely the only grocery store that I’ve based an entire day trip around. I think they put something addictive in their spicy lime cashews. If any of you are headed to Memphis, would you mind picking up some of those yummy shortbread cookies with the chocolate in the middle for me?

7. Jackalope Brewery – Jackalope is the first female-run commercial brewery in Tennessee. They’re not quite open yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to visit their brewery and taproom, which are set to open in

8. The Silver Jews – They may have retired from recording, but David Berman’s Nashville-based band is an incredible asset.  If you need proof, listen to this:


My blood may not runneth orange, but I do agree that Tennessee is the land of hot middle-aged women.

9. The Grand Ole Opry – I love old school country music, and the Opry is by far one of the best ways to get a fix.

10. Sky Blue Coffee – Excellent coffee, delicious food and a great atmosphere. If I lived in Nashville, Sky Blue Cafe would be my regular haunt.

How about you?

What do YOU love about Nashville?

Photo from Flickr by: cwage