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Excellent customer service from @Oreck

I like Oreck, not only do they make great vacuums and air purification systems, but they do social really well. Just look at their Pinterest account.

Over the weekend I had to visit a local Oreck store to pick up some bags for my vacuum. The friendly store clerk didn’t bother to look up the SKU number, which I supplied her with. I even asked if she was sure they were correct, she assured me they were. They weren’t.

The store is a ways from my house, so I was frustrated with the wasted time. And so I turned to Twitter.

It took @oreck just three minutes to reply to me – on a Sunday. I was flabbergasted to hear from them so quickly.

Smart companies on social know that it is always best to take the conversation offline to email, which is what she did.

We exchanged emails and to save me returning to the store to exchange the bags, they are shipping me complimentary new ones today.

This is a great case study of customer service on Twitter. Kudos to Oreck for knocking this out of the park and making me a happy customer once again.

Have you had any outstanding experiences from a brand on Twitter?


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