Bouncing back into acting

By | November 8, 2012

Can’t see the video? Click here.

So you may have noticed that Heather and I are on the Huffington Post today? Maybe you saw it. Maybe it’s what brought you here. If so, welcome to my blog.

For my friends who are regular readers, I guess I need to explain this crazy video. A few months ago, I was contacted about appearing in a web ad for Bounce. I was excited at the opportunity to get paid to be in front of the camera again. Yes, I use to act.

Improv Comedy

Dave Delaney improv comedyMany moons ago, I dreamt of becoming an actor. I was in a number of student films. I starred in a music video, and then I decided to take acting more seriously.

I studied improv comedy at Second City in Toronto. I went on to form a troupe and perform weekly for over a year at a club in Galway, Ireland. I took some acting lessons, and I did some extra work in a few television shows and movies.

When the opportunity came up for a few bloggers to appear in a web series for Bounce, I decided to take them up on their offer. Who doesn’t love fresh smelling laundry after all? Little did I know where the video would end up, on the front page of Huffington Post!

Are You New Here?

When I’m not preparing for my wife’s wild football parties, I consult on digital marketing and social media strategy, I blog frequently about networking at New Networking. Check it out now, or poke around here for a while.

It’s funny where life takes you. I was literally just chatting with Chris Brogan about improv on his new podcast, The Human Business Way.

So how was my acting?

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