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Why You Should Date Your Blog Posts

You are doing your readers a disservice by not including the date on your blog posts.

I had a debate with a friend recently on Mack Collier’s BlogChat. He said that it was his blog and his decision whether to include dates. His point was a valid one, but it’s not good enough to me.

I have been blogging at since January 2007. If somebody happens upon old content about a discontinued service or company that is out of business, they need only look at the date to understand why.

Not only are you doing your readers a disservice by not including the date, you are doing yourself one too. Including the date will reduce comments and questions in the future about why you are recommending a defunct service. Trust me, I still get some and I have the dates included.

So why exclude the date?

The first and only reason I can see is that you are not committed to blogging regularly. I take weeks off sometimes, but I have been better at keeping up with my new blog.

I asked the question on Twitter to see what your take was. Here’s what you said.









What do you think?

Did we miss any reasons to blog without dates?

Thank you for your answers.


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