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Weather Report: Hail. Satan.

I came across a curious tweet from Nashvillest today about something strange from our local NBC affiliate, WSMV. The following video may frighten you.


The best part of the story is how WSMV followed up on their Facebook page. I am impressed that they handled it with honesty and humor. Way to go!

Well… since some of you have asked about what appeared to be a “strange” image on our air last night…here’s the deal:

Throughout late-night programming, and during those bad storms, Channel 4 was interrupting various network commercial breaks for severe weather cut-ins.

We were transitioning to one such cut-in as NBC’s Jimmy Fallon tossed to a network commercial. The half-second of images that aired before the cut-in started were obviously the first few frames of whatever that network commercial was going to be.

As you can tell, our control room was in the process of covering up that network break for our weather report. Perhaps a promo for NBC’s Grimm? Movie trailer? Whatever the commercial was, we don’t actually play out network commercials here in Nashville…. we pass them through our air and we were in the process of interrupting those network breaks for weather coverage.

You are now safe to proceed with your evening. Evil-free.


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