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The Facebook advertising secret is segmentation

Dave with his Tim Hortons Cafe Coco is one of Nashville’s coolest coffee shops / late night beer emporiums. I don’t get there nearly enough, but when I do I always order the poutine. French fries with cheese curds and gravy is not exactly a healthy dining choice, but it is a French Canadian classic.

If I were Cafe Coco I would buy a targeted ad on Facebook that would reach just about every Canadian in Nashville to promote they sell the dish. The secret? Tim Hortons.

Reach Canadians on Facebook using Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain coffee shop, similar to Dunkin Donuts. It’s not a fancy-pants cafe, it’s a good coffee shop with decent food. My Mum always brings a few tins of “Tims” with her when she visits from Toronto.

Tim Hortons has done an excellent job marketing themselves as “the Canadian” restaurant. One only has to look at their advertising (bottom of this post) for a taste of how they have achieved this. Nostalgic Canadians living outside of the Great White North often turn to Tim’s on Facebook.

How to use Facebook ads effectivelyCreate a Facebook ad with your target in mind

Want to target a Facebook ad to Canadians? Use Tim Hortons to segment your Facebook advertising effort (of course the poutine helps too).

This ad found 1,360 people in Nashville who like Tim Hortons – you can bet they are Canadians.




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