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Keynote Remote not working?

I have had an incredible time speaking at the Interlogix Partners Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico (photos here). While here I learned a valuable lesson about presenting using Keynote on my MacBook Air and using my iPhone as the remote.

I had rehearsed my Social Media 101 and Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Digital Marketing presentations several times at home on my Wi-Fi network. The Keynote Remote app worked perfectly. I could see my notes and easily advance the slides from my iPhone.

When I got to the beautiful Conrad Resort Hotel the evening before the conference, I found the Keynote Remote App not working via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It was driving me crazy, I thought something was wrong with the iPhone bluetooth functionality. I now know how to correct this problem and want to share the solution with you (thanks Keith!).

Remote control application for iPhone or iPodUsing Keynote Remote on your iPhone to present with your Macbook

On your MacBook select Wi-Fi settings

  • Create Network
  • Note the Network Name (probably the same as your machine)
  • Choose Channel 11 and Security 40-bit WEP
  • Set a 4 character password
  • Press Create

On your iPhone select Wi-Fi settings

  • Choose the Network that you just created
  • Enter the password if you are asked

In the Keynote Remote app

  • Choose your machine name and click that link
  • Choose Done

Now the app should say that you are connected and select the Play Slideshow button. That’s it!

I’ll add that you may want to switch your phone into airplane mode before presenting, so that you don’t get calls or email notifications.

Bonus points for turning off any alarms you may have set as well.

Do you do presentations? Do you have any tech tips?


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