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40 life lessons

40 Things I have learnedToday is my 40th birthday, it’s shocking to write this. I swear I was just 39!

I did some reflecting on what I have learned in my life so far, and I thought I would share it with you.

Here are 40 life lessons I have learned along the way. They are not in any order, they are just as I wrote them.

1. Travel. Get out of your country and see the world
2. Family is the best decision you will ever make
3. Don’t forget your roots
4. You are not as cool as you think you are
5. Question authority, always
6. Stop and smell the air (seriously, take a whiff!)
7. Unplug often, this includes your phone
8. Keep a journal and write what you have achieved today, even the little things
9. Hold doors open for people
10. Say “Please” and “Thank You”
11. Keep in touch with the important people
12. Call your parents weekly
13. Accept people for who they are
14. Real time TV is for suckers
15. Get out of your comfort zone
16. Promote others
17. Talk to yourself out loud
18. Drive in silence and just think
19. Subscribe to podcasts
20. Study things you know nothing about
21. Don’t take yourself so seriously
22. Think before you eat
23. Think before you drink
24. Begin again
25. Get your news from outside of your country for a broader perspective
26. Play with your kids, they will grow faster than you know
27. Dedicate yourself to your partner
28. There are always other people just like you – you are not alone
29. No matter how bad it is now, you will look back and laugh later
30. Watch good movies
31. Find new music and tell your friends
32. $upport non profits and independent artists
33. Say “What the Fuck
34. Drink water often
35. Go for a walk
36. Eat fruit and veggies
37. Be thankful every day, no matter how bad your day is
38. Teach others and share your wisdom
39. Stretch often
40. Smile

Tonight we are meeting for a pint or two in Nashville. If you would like to join us please RSVP, so I know how much food to buy.

What life lessons would you add to this list?

Photo by Kris Krug. Thanks Kris!


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