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Coffee Shop Instagram Idea

Photos at Crema Coffee in Nashville, TennesseeAs I entered one of my favorite independent coffee shops in Nashville, Crema, I noticed several photos hanging on the wall. It got me thinking of a unique opportunity for cafe and restaurant owners.

I have written before about my keen interest in the tangible web. This is where things that are created virtually online, become available in real life.

My friend C.C. Chapman, recently had several of his Instagram photos printed to canvas by a company called CanvasPop (affiliate link). This is exactly what I mean by tangible web.

My big coffee shop idea

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have spent many hours in Nashville’s finest coffee shops. A check-in on Foursquare reveals plenty of people who are using their smart phones to snap and share photos. Most of them are using Instagram for this.

Business owners need to contact the photographers, and ask for permission to print their photos to canvas to exhibit in their cafes. Offer them a free coffee while you’re at it. It’s the perfect way to connect personally with your customers, show them some love, and help to spread the word about your business.

Begin with a search on Foursquare for these photos. Then check your Facebook page, shouts outs on Twitter, and geo-tagged photos on Flickr.

As a customer, you would be much more likely to invite friends and clients for a coffee at a shop featuring one of your beautiful photos, right?


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  • Ash Harris

    Or digital photo frames that pull the latest photos?

  • Oh! I like that idea too. Thanks Ash.

  • Dtinsley91

    I think this could be used for a variety of businesses. I think a representative could take the pics and and use them as long as they get the customers OK.  Imagine a pizzeria showing a table of of people preparing to dig in. I think the customers would like it and of course it would promote the business.

  • I’ve thought of this in mini photo albums at restaurants too. Each table could have a book.
    Patrons could flip through looking at the people, hoping they find a picture of themselves.
    Thanks for the comment. I’m craving pizza now! :)

  • Bill Faeth

    Dave – This is a great article and a great idea especially if you can show the business how to personalize the pics and utilize on their social media channels (you are the expert).  They could tie a contest between Instagram, Facebook, FourSquare, and Twitter very easily to promote and bring the customers back.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Thank you Bill. A photo contest is a great idea too!