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Quietly combatting my allergies

A few weeks ago I was invited to the premiere of a new air purifier by the vacuum manufacturer, Oreck.

I received the invitation because my sister-in-law works with the Nashville company. Also, my friend Cal Evan’s wife Kathy works there too. Oh and I am an internationally recognized expert on air purifiers (heh).

The event was to premiere a promotional video for Oreck’s latest hepa air purifier, the Oreck AirInstinct 200 (affiliate link). I even got to bring one home with me!

What is the best air purifier? The Oreck AirInstinct 200 is the best hepa air purifier we have ever owned.

Quietly combatting my allergies 

Now that spring has sprung in Tennessee, my friend’s allergies are working overtime. The AirInstinct is doing it’s job really well, keeping me much less bothered this year. I can honestly tell you that it is the best air purifier we have ever owned. The thing is practically silent too.

Heather and I are constantly amused when the machine’s “smart air sensor” activates (the color changes) when I walk in to the room. It’s as if I stink or something. I do not stink!

While I have fully disclosed that my family and friends work for Oreck, and I received the AirInstinct 200 for free, I must say that it is one sharp machine that works as advertised. If you ask me what is the best air purifier? I will definitely plug Oreck. Let’s not forget they are a local company too.

If allergies are getting you down, and you don’t want to change your air purifier filter again for three years… well, you know what to do.


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