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Virtual time travel

TimehopIf you’re like me and you tend to share plenty of content online, there are two great services you should consider for virtual time travel.

Each day I get an email from both services with my photos, tweets, updates, and check-ins from where I was the previous year and years earlier.

I look forward to the daily emails from Timehop and Memolane. They reveal moments in my life that I fondly recollect. For example, Memolane sent me five-year old photos of my son’s first haircut recently.

MemolaneToday, Timehop sent a humorous photo of me at my desk on St. Patrick’s day last year. I had an inflatable pint of Guinness floating above, which made 5:00 take forever. Last week Memolane sent a photo from four years ago, when I first met friends Michelle Greer and Chris Ennis with Erik Jones at SXSW.

I wonder what it will be like for my kids, true digital natives. If they opt into similar services, their whole lives will be available in mini digests later, like the past few years of mine are now. It’s always fun to look back.

Do you use Timehop or Memolane? What do you think of these virtual time travel services?


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  • thicke

    I find the emails as encouragement to be more active during the day too. “I’m going to love seeing this a year from now”….. 

  • Both services make checking email fun.

    When you are a parent in this day and age, you take countless digital photos of your kids. This is a great way to be reminded by those photos and special moments.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • I’ve been using for over a year now. Every day at whatever time I’ve specified, I get an email with something I wrote some time ago (yesterday, a couple days ago, last week, last month, last year, X days ago). It’s been a useful way for me to write about what happened. Sometimes I’m lengthy; other times I’m not. All I have to do to post is just reply to the email. I often don’t reply because I don’t make the time, and I’m okay with that. What’s even better is that I’m the only one who sees what I’ve written.

  • Thanks Daniel. I’ll check that out.
    It sounds like an interesting service.

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