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Twitter helps Sam quit smoking

Sam's Place in Hillsboro VillageNashville is an amazing city in many ways, but every so often something bugs me. Smoking laws are one of those things.

In Tennessee, it’s a bar owner’s decision to allow smoking if they are 21+. Meanwhile, in the rest of the civilized world, smoking is outright banned from all public places, including bars.

I was at an event at Sam’s bar last month. The service was great and the food was lovely too, but the smoke in the air stunk. Coming home stinking of it was not pleasant. In a more serious way, allowing your employees to suffer through the smoke isn’t healthy either.

And so… I turned to Twitter.


Soon after my tweet I heard from several friends who all chimed in in support of Sam’s going non-smoking. Two weeks later, the bar announced that they were now SMOKE FREE.

I contacted the owner, Sam Sanchez, and he wrote:

After we converted the patio into a non-smoking section at lunch, we sent an email to customers announcing this change. In particular, I remember one Twitter response in which a customer said how excited they were to learn that we went non-smoking only to be disappointed when they learned it was just during lunch. Basically, we got their hopes up for nothing. And the knowing that we had disappointed customers really bothered me.

Of course, we took notice of your recent tweets in which you raved about our great bar, food and service but that you weren’t a fan of the smoking. It was great to see this kind of engagement and interaction from our customers. The back-and-forth between you and your friends only confirmed that we have everything to offer customers but are ultimately losing their favor by allowing smoking.

In addition to this, on February 29th (when they went non-smoking) they donated 10% of all proceeds from that day of business to the American Cancer Society.

Way to go Sam! Way to go Twitter. Be sure to follow them and tell them thanks too. It seems I’m not the only one excited about this move.


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