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My mind is made up on #SXSW

Photo from Flickr by:  jenniferconleyI’ve been flip flopping on deciding whether to attend SXSW since leaving Griffin.

I have had great conversations with many friends who have helped me weigh the pros and cons of attending this year. The main pro would be seeing them in Austin, of course.

The good news is that I have picked up some new clients for my consultancy, which means I can afford to attend the pricey week in Austin. The bad news is that the new work will have me quite busy during the festival, too busy to be out and about socializing.

And so…

Unfortunately, this all means that I have decided to give SXSW a pass for 2012. Instead, I will concentrate on my clients and on picking up some new ones. I will also focus on my public speaking, with a goal to be speaking at SXSW 2013 for sure!

How about you? Are you heading to Austin for the world’s largest interactive festival? What’s driving your decision to attend or not to attend this year?

Photo from Flickr by: jenniferconley



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