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Tweets to Facebook

Photo from Flickr by: Off beat MumOne thing that I have learned since starting my own digital marketing consultancy, is that there is still much for folks to learn about social media marketing. It’s why I’ve been inspired to create Dave’s Social Media Tool Box, a series of posts with tips to help you.

How to post from Twitter to Facebook

I use a Facebook app called Selective Tweets to share my Twitter tweets on my Facebook profile. There are lots of other ways to do this too, but I’ve loved this free service since I started using it years ago.

I recommend using such a service, so you can choose which tweets you want to share with your Facebook friends. I’ll tell you now that NONE of them want to see your @ replies, so avoid over-sharing.

To use Selective Tweets, just install the Facebook application. Then use #fb in your tweet to make it appear on Facebook. Easy.

Special thanks to Andy Young, who created Selective Tweets. You should tell him thanks too.

Photo from Flickr by: Off beat Mum


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