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The single best thing we can do for our health

In my interview with Marcus Whitney on the Jumpstart podcast, Marcus explained how fitness is so important to him. Why bust your butt on your business if you’re not taking care of yourself?

That thought has stuck with me since speaking with Marcus. It’s really true. I want to be around to watch my amazing kids grow up. I want to be with Heather for a long, long time too. So, health should be priority number one. Right?

The single best thing we can do for our health

Take 10 minutes to watch this video of Dr. Mike Evans (who is awesome), founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. In it, he explains one simple thing we can do for our health TODAY.

I would go ahead and tell you what it is now, but I think you can spare 10 minutes to find out exactly what you need to know to get started. It also won’t cost you a cent. I promise.


Hat tip to David Finch and Harsh Agrawal for sharing this video on Google Plus.


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