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Facebook Birthdays are a perfect reminder

Facebook Birthdays from Some eCardsUse Facebook birthdays as a reminder to connect with old friends and grow your network.

Each day when I log in to Facebook I see a list of a few friends celebrating their birthday. What a perfect way to remind me to reach out and wish them a happy birthday.

It’s lovely to post a birthday greeting on your friend’s wall, but take it a step further and email or call them. This is especially important for friends you don’t see or speak with often.

Do it for the right reasons

Be sure to start with wishing them a happy birthday, ask how they are and what they are up to these days. Perhaps they’ve changed careers and could use your help with something. Be honest that you’re growing your network, there’s nothing wrong with this if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Don’t worry if you don’t use Facebook daily, here’s how to export your friend’s birthdays and import them to your calendar. This works for Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

How to Export Facebook Friend Birthdays

  • Select Events from the left side of your home page
  • Click Birthdays at the bottom of the Events page
  • Now click Export Birthdays at the bottom of that page


What do you do to remind yourself to connect and grow your network? Do you use Facebook birthdays to help?


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