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How to use Pinterest for business

Use Pinterest for business

Use Pinterest for businessIt’s hard to miss news about Pinterest lately. The incredibly popular social bookmarking (err “pinning”) site now produces more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined!

According to Compete, unique visitors to Pinterest increased by 429% from September to December 2011, and it already has user base of 3.3 million!

Pinterest is not the place to shill your products, however, companies can use Pinterest in a number of creative ways that drive traffic back to their sites. Be sure to follow the rules though.

Don’t push your products, push themes and styles

Nordstrom do an amazing job at showcasing their product line in a way that ties the products to themes like Nautical Vibes, Winter Sparkle, and Valentine’s Day.

Scholastic has created great boards that are related to their business like Libraries We Love, Creative Bookcases, and Beautiful Bookshops. Brilliant!

Sell your culture and people, not your products

By using Pinterest you can share photos of your business art gallery, employee of the month, outside company events, conference photos, etc. Think beyond your product line and share the culture.

If you want to recruit great people for your company, why not give the world a peek behind the doors?

Lauren Sorenson has shared some great examples of 7 Examples of Brands That Pop on Pinterest at the Hubspot blog.

Do you need a Pinterest invitation?

Pinterest is still an invitation only service, but I have a Pinterest invite for four of you.

Leave a comment below with an example of a great business use of Pinterest. I’ll randomly select four of you on Monday afternoon. Good luck!


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