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Facebook Timeline Movie Maker

I was alerted yesterday of being tagged in a video on my friend, CC Chapman‘s Facebook wall. The video is an elaborate animation that travels through CC’s Facebook Timeline, sharing clips of videos and photographs from his profile.


At the end of the video (not the one above), you are prompt to create your own. It only took a minute or two for the video to self-populate with images, status updates and video clips from my own timeline. Amazing!

The free video tool by Facebook and Definition6 is a perfect way to get Facebook users to embrace the new timeline feature, which like it or not, will be fully implemented soon. It’s also a great way to get users to share more content openly across Facebook.

Oops, we forgot the sharing!

The disappointing thing about the Timeline Movie Maker is that you can’t share ¬†or download your final video. You can share that you made one, you can share that you recommend others try it too, but you can’t share YOUR video. Let’s face it, users are way more likely to share a video of their photos than of a service.

I’m hoping they realize the mistake and enable a way for users to download, share and LIKE their final videos. If you want to give it a try, check it out here. It’s really impressive!

So how did CC share his video? He used TechSmith’s amazing video capture tool, Camtasia (hi Betsy) to copy it and post it to YouTube. He’s one smart cookie.


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