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Tips for better business networking

I’ve thought a lot about networking lately. I don’t mean networking in the sneaky salesman style, but rather, in truly concentrating on how to be better at growing and connecting with your network.

Building your network is not just about having people available to help you, it’s so that those people can depend on you to help them too. Networking is about two-way relationships.

Tonight on Twitter, I asked for tips for better business networking. Here are the excellent replies that I received. Thanks for chiming in friends. Please leave a comment below with a tip of your own. I’d love to explore other great ways to improve networking.

Please leave your tip in the comments below. Thanks.


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  • Show up READY!

  • Whether you’re building relationships online or off, it’s always best to follow a couple common sense guidelines:

    Be transparent: Say who you are and be who you are. Be yourself (and if you’re not comfortable with that, you might want to work on that separately!)

    Have the right tone for the community you’re in: Whether you’re in a forum or at a happy hour, listen and soak in the scene before you chime in. Take note of community norms (i.e. “it’s ok to swear here” or “this place is pretty button-up”) and act accordingly. I’m not saying that you should be a social chameleon, but you should take note of social cues. (Extreme example: Is it more like a wedding or more like a funeral?)

    Add value: Whether you’re adding a comment, context, or original content, make sure it’s worth listening to. Don’t waste people’s time with self-serving stories that they patiently suffer through. Be useful or be entertaining, and always be nice.

    In other words, be a real human, act like it, be honest and be nice. Be WORTH it for someone else to spend their time with you.

    Plus, it’s more fun.

  • Yes!

  • I love this. Thanks for taking the time to add to the conversation.
    I think you’re absolutely right on each of your tips. Thanks a million.

  • Love the Twitter conversation on this topic! The best #networking advice for me is: Slow down.  Networking is about relationships and relationships take time.  Stop looking for shortcuts and you will form amazing, valuable two-way relationships.

  • Thanks April!