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Happy birthday Commodore 64

Photo from Wikimedia30 years ago this week, Commodore 64 was announced at CES. CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest trade show of its kind.

My first computer was a TRS 80, but it was the C64 that changed my life. My friends loved coming over to play games like Tony Hawk’s Skate or Die!, but it was connecting┬áto bulletin board systems (BBS) that excited me.

Bulletin Board Systems

I convinced my Mum to let me use our household’s telephone through the night and early morning as my first BBS. I would lay in my bed in the dark, the glow of the inactive red C64 disk light would be the only source of light in my room.

Suddenly, I would awaken to the sound of the disk dive running. My room would be lit green from the drive operating. Someone, somewhere would be using my computer! I would scurry out of bed, turn on the monitor and go into sysop mode to chat with my mysterious guest.

I can’t believe this was all 30 years ago. Happy birthday Commodore 64. Thanks for introducing me to life online.

Speaking of CES. I’ll be there on Monday. If you’re attending please be sure to let me know. Online communication is incredible, but there’s still nothing better than real life.


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