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Who’s in your inbox?

Photo from Flickr by: Frank GruberWho’s in your inbox, specifically your Gmail inbox?

I wrote back in July that we must be diligent with keeping up with who we’ve given access to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but what about your email and contacts?

I’m writing this partly as a reminder, but also because I could not find the answer. I ended up posting the question on Google Plus, where Rob Blatt quickly provided the answer. Thanks Rob!

How do you see which sites you’ve given permission to access your Google account? How do you revoke access? 

The answer is a single link. Be sure you’re logged in to your Google account first and then visit:

Take a scroll down the surprisingly long list of connected sites, apps and services. Consider whether you still use them, if you don’t, be sure to choose to revoke access.

A note first. Be sure you know what each service is before removing its permissions. I accidentally revoked access to my iPhone, so that I wasn’t able to send or receive email for a short time.

Also note that most of these services are good, but it’s still best to protect your account. The same applies to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Photo from Flickr by: Frank Gruber


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