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The wires are crossed

My wires are crossed

There’s something we teach clients and our employers about social media marketing, it’s a basic rule that’s important. Just as in traditional marketing, the same rule applies.

Know who (and where) your target market is.

This makes complete sense when developing a marketing strategy. We determine who we want to reach, then we plan to reach them where they are. Makes sense, right?

This doesn’t totally apply to the early adopters though. The social butterflies who are early to test the waters on the latest social networking sites end up with their wires crossed eventually.

The Facebook Wires

You see, I have 1,582 friends on Facebook today. I started adding anyone who friended me very early on, before there were pages or options to subscribe rather than friend.

In retrospect, your personal profile on Facebook should be reserved for just your friends and family.

The Twitter Wires

Early days on Twitter meant you always followed back who followed you, it was considered rude not to. I’m following 4,509 people, some of which have nothing to contribute to the conversations and content that we all share. Nothing against those people mind you, but now I regret that my main stream contains content that’s not relevant to me.

Twitter is a great place to share what interests you, promote your work (in a non-spammy way) and follow events and breaking news live. Maybe it’s how you got to this post in the first place (thanks for coming by).

Looking back, I wish I had just followed those I had actually engaged with. I’m not prepared to pull a Brogan and do a great Twitter unfollow experiment just yet though.

The Google Plus Wires

Now we have Google Plus. A place where the early adopters are hanging out. There are plenty of great conversations on an array of different topics that are mainly technology focused on G+, which is great.

I have many people in great circles, but I still haven’t found the perfect (most time efficient) way to bring G+ into my daily social networking. The best content on G+ is the conversation which stems from the content that is already in my Google Reader. It’s like G+ has replaced blog comments in some ways. Do you find this too?

As an early adopter to social networking sites, my communication wires seemĀ  crossed lately. I’m working on fixing this.

How do you do it?

How are you managing your personal profile on Facebook, personal Twitter account and Google Plus? Have you found a balancing act yet?


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