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On Klout

Dave Delaney photo by: Sam SimkinI’m pretty thrilled to see Sam Simkin’s photo of my silly mug on the front page of the Tennessean newspaper this morning.

Klout measures online influence by Adita Wadhwani is an interesting collection of local thought about the online influence measurement service, Klout.

I thought I’d elaborate a little on the story with some links and further insight.

Christoper S. Penn wrote a great piece about the implications of opting out of Klout. His post explores how many companies, like Salesforce, now use Klout to measure the influence of customers and leads.

Liz Straus has written an extensive post about why she decided to opt out of Klout. It mainly revolves around her principles and Klout’s frequent changes to their algorithm.

As C.C. Chapman writes, “…you can not measure online influence by numbers alone.” As a brand or agency looking at Klout as a service you may want to try, it’s important to remember this.

I recommend you read Jennifer Leggio’s Klout, Kred and the Ugly Truth About Social Influence Measurement for further analysis and thinking about the topic.

Finally, Matthew Ingram has written an amazing post about whether you should care about your Klout score. In it he writes about Twitter’s opinion on Klout and how employers are checking Klout scores of candidates for positions. An important read.

More Soon

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Oh, and I should mention that my Klout score rose 1 point since the story was published. What do you make of that?


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