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Breakfast is ruined

Photo from Flickr by: cafemamaImagine waking up and entering your kitchen. You’ve decided to cook a great breakfast. Visions of the best breakfast meals you have ever had enter your head. You’re excited, energetic and ready to go.

The only thing you’ve missed is deciding what you’re actually going to cook. Instead, you open the fridge and pantry and begin to empty it all on to your kitchen counter.

It gets worse.

You begin mixing flour, eggs and milk as you are cooking bacon and sausages. While you are doing both you begin to wash and peel fruit, so you can make smoothies. You decide to make cappuccinos instead of coffee.

An hour goes by and your flour mixture has spilled on to your counter and floor. Your bacon and sausage has burned, your smoke detector told you this. You can’t find enough fruit to use for your smoothy, so you’re left with partially cut apples and bananas. You realized you don’t have a cappuccino machine, how the hell are you suppose to make cappuccinos?

You’re exhausted, your kitchen is trashed and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Choose a recipe. Make a plan. Follow the steps.

How many tabs and windows do you have open? How many applications are you running? What was it that you set out to do when you first went online today?

Stay focused and breakfast will be delicious!

Photo from Flickr by: cafemama


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