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When C.C. presents and Baratunde speaks YOU LISTEN

Baratunde Thurston on Passion Hit TV
I’m really excited about Passion Hit TV for two reasons.

1. I support anything that C.C. Chapman touches, because he’s legit and he’s a friend. Trust C.C.!

2. Hearing the story of Baratunde Thurston is so inspiring. I first met him over lunch at Gnomedex a few years ago. His knowledge and humor really rubbed off on me. He even inspired me to get up on stage and share a story at the Fray Cafe during SXSW.

I highly recommend you take the time to watch this video. If you’re not kicked in the ass to follow your dream I’ll eat this blog post!

Some key points…

  • Do what you love. You’re a different person when you’re doing what you love
  • Take an adult education class in something you’re interested in
  • Play in the dirt and grow something
  • Hangout where you haven’t
  • See movies and read things that you haven’t
  • PLAY and LISTEN and don’t ignore it when it FEELS RIGHT!

I’m excited to see who is next up on Passion Hit TV!


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