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5 QR Code tips

Dave Delaney Twitter QR CodeA few months ago I had a crazy idea to re-create my Twitter avatar as a QR code. The idea was to see how many people would actually take the time to scan it. I learned a few valuable lessons about QR codes from the experience.

Upon scanning the code, your browser would open to a hidden page on my blog with a secret video message. In a few months the page only received about 200 visits. Worse, the video only had 80 views.

5 QR Code Tips

  1. Always be testing. Be sure your QR code will open in multiple browsers across multiple devices.
  2. Consider taking the person who scans the QR code directly to the video, rather than to a landing page.
  3. If you use a landing page, be sure it’s customized for mobile viewing.
  4. Understand who your target market is. I know that most of my Twitter followers are savvy enough to recognize a QR Code, but does your target market?
  5. NEVER use QR Codes online. This is the big lesson that I learned.

QR Codes belong on paper and packaging, not online. I had many people have trouble scanning the code from their computer or tablet displays. This was the biggest mistake I made.

I’m still happy I did this. It was fun to hear from many of you who were able to scan and see the video. I enjoyed making the secret QR Code video too.

Have you dabbled in QR Codes? What lessons have you learned?

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