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Never miss a marketing technology story

As a marketing professional, I do my best to keep on top of new trends and news that is relevant to my industry. With an obvious focus on digital marketing and social media marketing, it’s an overwhelming task to stay on top of everything. It’s also impossible.

Here’s a tip to help you never miss a marketing story…

Listen to podcasts

If you spend any time commuting each day, or have time on a treadmill, you should be tuned into these amazing internet radio shows. Here are four of my favorite technology and marketing podcasts.

Six Pixels of SeparationSix Pixels of Separation – For many years Mitch Joel has been recording his show, which focuses on content creation, marketing and trends. Each of his most recent episodes contains an interview with many of the brightest minds in the business.

I love how smart and frank Mitch is. He respects his guests, but he’s not afraid to ask some tough questions too. It always makes for a great conversation. (iTunes link)

The Bean CastThe BeanCast – This is a roundtable show hosted by Bob Knorpp. It’s a program I wish I started listening to a long time ago, but one I never miss an episode of now. Each week Bob gathers advertising agency experts and guests representing popular brands to discuss the new advertising and marketing business.

Bob really knows how to keep the show rolling. He’s clever and charming, and always quick to add a hearty laugh. I always leave with new ideas in my head. (iTunes link)

Marketing Over Coffee podcastMarketing Over Coffee – This is a great conversational show between Chris Penn, an analytics ninja and John Wall a marketing expert. Each episode they discuss a little bit of technology related news that effects marketing. They also explore tips and tricks to improve your marketing efforts both online and offline.

I’ve been listening to MoC for a couple of years. I still want to find the Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts where they record early in the morning once a week. You can even hear the beeping of the ovens and chatter in the background of most episodes. (iTunes link)

TWiGTWig – I’m a long time fan of Leo Laporte and his TWiT network of incredible netcasts. I still enjoy his staple show This Week in Tech, but the real gold is in This Week in Google. Leo’s regular guests are Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis. The three hosts, along with guests from Google, always have insightful conversations. While the topics may not be about marketing specifically, understanding what’s happening in the cloud is essential to doing it right.

Gina’s software development expertise, combined with Jeff’s extensive knowledge of Google make the show fantastic. Just listening to Jeff get passionate about privacy and journalism makes every episode a must listen. Of course, Leo is the perfect host with many years of experience in technology reporting and hosting programs about tech. He’s someone I respect a lot. (iTunes link)

Four amazing marketing technology podcasts!

Subscribe to each of these shows in iTunes and let me know what you think? What are your favorite marketing podcasts?


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