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How to make your blog look amazing on an iPad

I’ve been trying to find a good WordPress plugin to make my blog look good on my iPad for a little while now. Today I came across OnSwipe and I’m blown away!

OnSwipe calls themselves insanely easy tablet publishing, and they are!

I set up a free account and grabbed a little code to drop in my WordPress blog. I then added my RSS feeds and supported accounts like Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Viddler and Tumblr. Then I selected how I wanted it to appear. Simple!

I also like how you can switch to the regular browser view if you prefer. The addition of Google Analytics tracking code is a nice touch too.

Seriously, take a look at how davemadethat appears on my iPad below. What do you think of it? Check it out on a tablet device and let me know what you think please.

onswipe davemadethat blog for tablet


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