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A tricky balancing act

Photo from Flickr by: Pickersgill ReefI’m a social media professional. I make my living using social media to power my marketing and promotional initiatives for my employer and for the events I organize.

I haven’t always worked in the social space specifically, but I have always worked in marketing and promotions throughout my career.

I have always been online (since before the Internet), participating socially and creating content. As social media numbers blew up, so did the number of relationships I maintained online. It became faster and easier to meet interesting people. It got crazy… it is crazy.

We know now that Dunbar was right. We know that managing countless relationships online doesn’t scale. It’s simply not possible. Now consider doubling (or tripling) those relationships.

It’s hard enough to balance so many personal relationships on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, but consider this. I also manage an internationally recognized company’s social media presence and our relationships.

A tricky balancing act

I occasionally hear friends say they haven’t seen me on Twitter lately, clearly they are not following me as @griffintech as well. I don’t expect them to, unless they are interested in what Griffin is up to.

I’ve seen so much chatter about social media fatigue lately, and it makes sense. Let’s face it, the biggest social media enthusiasts, the early adopters, often become the professionals representing brands online. It’s difficult enough to balance our personal relationships let alone those on behalf of a brand.

Personally and professionally, how do you balance it all? Please share your take.

Photo from Flickr by: Pickersgill Reef


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