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It will get better

Photo from Flickr by: Gregory JordanTrey Pennington touched many people’s lives through his work. He was a popular blogger, author, marketing professional and speaker. Sadly, last week he took his own life.

I didn’t know Trey personally, but like many of us who live online, our paths had crossed. I highly recommend you take a moment to read Bridgette Pilloud’s post about Trey and suicide.

Did you know that suicide in the United States is more than twice as common as homicide? It’s true. I was shocked to learn this.

I recently listened to an episode of Freakonomics Radio where they explored the “suicide paradox”. What you learn from it will probably surprise you.
Take a listen.

It gets better

We all go through dark times, I include myself in this. I’ve written recently about finding your white space and hitting the power button. Take time for yourself to stop and think.

Grab a pen and some paper. Write down the positive things in your life. Your friends, your family, your hobbies, your work. Write down anything that makes you happy. Write down your accomplishments so far in your life. You’ve come a long way, haven’t you?

Depression isn’t something that is easily curable, but writing our daily, weekly or monthly affirmations is a good way to see that your life is better than you may think.

Don’t be ashamed to seek help if you need it. Call AFSP: 1-800-273-8255 if you need someone to talk to right now. Do it.

Know this. When we are in our worst times, things really do get better. All things improve with time. It will get better.

Photo from Flickr by: Gregory Jordan


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