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Create a real photo album

Photo from Flickr by: TojosanThere’s a great conversation on Uncle Weed’s podcast recently between Dave and Amber Case. You should listen to it.

Amber, a rocking cyborg-anthropologist, explains how in the future books will remain while some data will disappear. She made me stop to consider this.

What if the Internet disappeared. What if you lost all of your files, photos, videos, journals, diaries, blog posts, etc.? What if connectivity was no more.

What’s most important to you? What data is invaluable and irreplaceable?

For me, it’s my photos of my family, especially of my kids. My Mum still has all of the old photo albums from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

Find the time. Make the time. Don’t just backup everything, but make it real, make it tangible.

A quick search will show you many services that will print photo books for you. You should seriously consider this. I am.

Have you done this? What service did you use to print your photos in a book? Were you happy with the result?

Photo from Flickr by: Tojosan


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