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Venice, ItalyI’ve written before about how I met Heather. We were both backpackers living in Galway, Ireland in 1998.¬†What brought me to Galway in 1998 was a backpacking trip during the summer of 1996, when I fell in love with Ireland.

It was the summer of 1996 when I backpacked England, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. In 1998, after meeting Heather, we backpacked through just about all of Ireland.

Over the next few years we backpacked through Scotland, Italy and much of Europe until we arrived in Prague. We stayed in Prague for 4 months (we ran out of money there, not a bad place).


I’m a better person for having traveled. You will be too if you try. It doesn’t cost much money, there are plenty of hostels and campgrounds for you to do it on the cheap.

You’re never too old to try it, even just for a couple of weeks. Who knows how it may shape or change your life. Change your country and see how the others live. We’re not alone here you know.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


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