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How to create a crowdsourced Twitter traffic report

How to create a crowdsourced Twitter Traffic Report

This morning’s commute to work sucked. Traffic was at a standstill for much of my drive to the office.

It was stop and go, stop and go… very annoying. Had I known about the jam, I would have selected an alternative route. This won’t happen again.

Here’s an easy way to create a crowdsourced Twitter traffic report for your iPhone.

 Step 1. Visit on your iPhone.

 Step 2. Choose “Advanced Search” and enter Nashville traffic in the “All of these words” field.

 Step 3. Scroll down and under Places enter Nashville, TN in the “Near this place” field. Choose the most appropriate distance. Now select the center icon at the bottom with the arrow.

 Step 4. Choose “Add to Home Screen”.

 Step 5. Name the icon “Traffic Report”.

 Step 6. You’ll find your crowdsourced Twitter traffic report icon waiting for you each morning before your commute. Click it and it will search for mentions of the words Nashville and Traffic within 15 miles of Nashville (or whichever city you use this for).

Be sure to include these words when you’re tweeting your traffic reports, so they will appear in the search results. Safe travels.


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