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Google+ Hangouts

Google+ HangoutI had a great time using Google’s group video chat on Google+ recently. It’s called Hangouts.

I found a quiet room at the office. Fixed my hair and took a breath. Then, I nervously clicked the green Start a Hangout button.

Within a couple of minutes I was joined by friends: Bill Seaver, Jett Loe, Justin Seiter and Paul Nicholson. Others joined us too and together we poked and prodded Google Plus’ group video chat feature. I think it’s pretty amazing.

Hangout Features

You learn quickly that the camera’s view (large screen) automatically focuses on the person speaking, just as if you were there in person.

Another amazing feature is that you can all watch a YouTube video together. As you’re watching the video there is a button to speak, as if you were using a walkie-talkie. This is so your mic’s audio doesn’t interfere with the audio from the video.

The group sharing of a YouTube video would be perfect for your own mini virtual conference. Picture sitting down with 9 of your closest friends or colleagues and watching a TED talk.

Last night I had a few free minutes, so I decided to hang out again. This time I was sad to have nobody join me. So I did what anyone else would do and designed a tee-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Have you hung out on Google+? What do you think of it?

If you’re not on Google+, please leave a comment with your Gmail address. I’ll invite you as I get more invites.┬áDon’t forget to connect with me there too.


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