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How to avoid getting locked out of Gmail

Tuesday morning I hopped on my machine to begin working. I had spent the previous week back in Toronto visiting friends and family.

The trouble with taking some time off is that you know your inbox will be overflowing upon your return. Not to mention, I was dying to find my invite for Google+ (aren’t we all?).

I hopped onto Gmail as I often do and logged in. This is what I found.Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down

Unusual Usage – Account Temporarily Locked Down. Locked down! What the heck? How could I get to work locked out of Gmail?

I posted my news to Facebook and Twitter. I pleaded with a couple of friends at Google to see if they could help. I waited for a reply.

As I waited, my friend C.C. Chapman responded with a tip. This is crucial information for any Gmail users who plan to travel: Log out before you go!

The happy ending is that after a few hours I was able to log back in. It serves as a good reminder not to fully depend on any free web-based service. You should always be backing up your data, regardless of where it is. Begin with your Gmail contacts and mail. Are they backed up?


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